Resources to Help Quit Smoking

Information Packet

Quitting tobacco is easiest when you use tools to help you quit. The materials we mail out to people who want to quit or just want more information is below. You can download the entire packet of materials or just the pieces you find most helpful.

The entire packet of materials offered to help track your quit progress.

Individual Items

If you want an individual file from the packet, they are available for download as well.

Fact Sheets

You have thought about all the reasons why you want to quit and you need some additional support to be sure it is the right decision for you. Get more information from our Download Center where you can view and print tobacco-related fact sheets.

Download Center

Additional Resources

E-Cigarette FAQ

For more information on the status of E-Cigarettes in the United States, visit this FAQ page directly from the FDA.

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Looking for tips and information about quitting? Managed by the National Cancer Institute, helps people get whatever help they need when they want to quit using tobacco.

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