Arizona Smokers’ Helpline

Quit Coaches

Who are the ASHLine Quit Coaches?

  • About 50% of our Quit Coaches are former smokers themselves.
  • All are specially trained to help you quit smoking.


What does an ASHLine Quit Coach do?

Your Quit Coach is like a personal trainer to help you quit smoking. When you call ASHLine and sign up, we match you with a Quit Coach who best fits your needs. Learn more about the first call here.

Your coach’s primary responsibility is to help you with whatever you need to quit.

Your coach will help you:

  • Set a quit date
  • Get free nicotine replacement therapy (nicotine gum, patches or lozenges) if you’re eligible*
  • Recognize and plan for how to deal with your triggers
  • Understand what you’re struggling with
  • Plan for how to deal with cravings
  • Get emotional support
  • Plan ways to deal with stressful scenarios (like family visiting, holidays, etc.)


What qualifications does a Quit Coach have?

All coaches have one (or more) of the following:

  1. Master’s degree in psychology, counseling, public health, social work or a related field.
  2. Bachelor’s degree in psychology, counseling, public health, social work or a related field plus one year of behavioral change experience.
  3. An equivalent combination of the above experiences.


No matter what, all of our coaches have experience working with people, including:

  • Experience working with clients in a clinical setting.
  • Knowledge of the most current clinical practice guidelines for tobacco dependence counseling over the phone.
  • Knowledge of motivational interviewing techniques and cognitive behavioral therapy for tobacco dependence.
  • Experience working with clients with serious mental illnesses.


How are Quit Coaches hired?

ASHLine recruits Quit Coaches from University of Arizona and the surrounding community in Tucson, Arizona. This allows us to employ Quit Coaches who are in the midst of the latest research for public health and psychology techniques.

How are Quit Coaches trained?

Our coaches receive intense training in tobacco dependence with ongoing continuing education every week during clinical meetings. Quit coaches are trained to use evidence-based protocols, including client-directed approaches, motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy to best help you while trying to quit. These techniques have been shown to be the most effective.

How does a Quit Coach understand what I’m going through?

Our Quit Coaches are a diverse group—50% are former smokers themselves. They are often from Arizona themselves and can relate to the unique challenges and needs experienced in our local communities.

When you call the ASHLine to sign up, we ask you a series of questions about yourself to help match you with the right Quit Coach. That way you and your Quit Coach are more likely to have things in common.

In all cases, your Quit Coach understands what you’re going through because he or she has helped many people quit and wants to see you succeed. He or she is there to listen and support you no matter what.


*You may be eligible for these if you are privately insured or uninsured. If you have Medicaid or insurance through the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), then your Quit Coach will help you get quit medications covered by your insurance plan.

Call 1-800-55-66-222 to get started.